9 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name

choosing a domain name

A great domain needs to be easy to remember, easy to understand and the name needs to be concise. Avoid these 9 mistakes when choosing a domain name.

1. Too Long to Type Name

You don’t have to create a domain that is too long to type. When the domain name is too long, you need to condense it to form a name that is easy to type.

If your domain is internet case and bob’s coffee. This is considered too long! You need to condense the name in a form that’s easy to read and understand.

A lengthy name may be disadvantageous because it may hinder visitors using touchscreen devices such as phones from accessing your website. It can also be difficult for the site visitors to remember the domain name. It might be quite challenging for users in the future.

2. Choosing a Domain Name Shouldn’t Be Troublesome. Avoid Names That Are Too Focused

Using a general name for your website may be too pertinent for individuals viewing your website content. If you serve quality chicken at your restaurant, you may be tempted to use exemplarychicken.com.  However, this may lock out other customers looking for steak that you may serve.

Not everyone enjoys the taste of chicken, thus an individual may be looking for other types of foods that you serve. In case you serve a variety of foods, the best name may be deliciouscooked.com. However, the correct name may be the name of the restaurant itself.

3. Play with Words

Some domain names have innocent names. Domains do not normally use specific words to advertise the site. Some names are assumed to refer to a thing only to find out that it means a different whole thing.

A pen’s website can be mentioned as penisland.org but the viewer can have created a negative impression regarding the name. If you can’t avoid such wordplay, your site can face a tough time since viewers may regard your sight as a joke.

You need to create a domain name that is appropriate and appealing to the client. Don’t make your clients regard your company with little concern due to the name you chose for your domain. You should give your domain a name closely related to the business you are doing

Ensure the name selected is straightforward and doesn’t raise any suspicion that may limit clients from buying services from you. A company with a bizarre domain name may scare clients from buying services from your company since it may seem like a scam and client may not be sure with your services.

4. Inappropriate TLD Extensions

TLD extensions are crucial when creating a domain name. We have a lot of TLD extensions which most probably end with .org, .com, and .net among others. a significant number of people associate the extensions with what the site delivers.

.Org is associated with not for profit organizations. Whereas, .gov is associated with government sites.

5. Brainstorm a Variety of Ideas

Prepare to create a domain name. Thus, brainstorm to formulate a variety of variants. Preparation will help you figure out whether or not the name you are looking for is available. A significant number of people have rummaged the internet trying to check whether the domain name of their choice is not yet taken.

6. Hyphen

Avoid using hyphens on your domain name. using hyphens makes a domain look unorganized and cheap. Study shows that domain names with hyphens are most likely to perform poorly than those ones without.

It does not matter how a domain name already booked can be tempting. Do not use a hyphen to create a domain name similar to one that is already booked. It is difficult to communicate a domain name with a hyphen thus may give your client a hard time to write.

7. Spellcheck

Before submitting registration order for your website, ensure you spellcheck the name. Website owners send misspelt names for registration. While some clients may buy from a company without considering the name others may be inclined to make the next purchase in such websites.

A misspelt name may confuse clients. Even if a client finds your goods/services excellent, the next purchase may be a problem. The client may try searching for the domain name but may fail to find it due to misspelling associated with the name.

8. Difficult to Write or Pronounce Name

Consider your clients when creating a domain. Ensure the name chosen sounds as it’s written to ensure that clients can easily search and type the name. Do not create a difficult name that clients find difficult to write or read. They’ll miss the website and purchase from another one closely pronounced as yours.

Consider your market when creating a domain. Do not create an international domain name while your target market is local. When choosing a domain name, consider your market and adopt the domain name to your culture.

9. Before Selecting a Domain Name, Design Corporate Image

You need to design the corporate image before the domain name. ensure your domain name is unique and not in any way similar to the existing domain name. It may help in avoiding your clients putting an order with competing company other than you.

In case your domain name is similar to an existing domain, the possibility of losing your clients to the other company is very high. Your clients may end up closing a purchase deal with the other company mistakenly. Thus, you need to ensure your domain name is unique.

Do It Right!

Choosing a domain name should no longer be a problem.

Now that you have precise information of what to do and what not to do when selecting a name for your domain, the process will be easy and faster. Check out our blog for more information on what to consider when naming your domain.