Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Domain Name for Cheap

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Need to make a website and do not know where to start? Despite the many tools that make the process of establishing a website straightforward, the process can still be confusing. The first step you need to take towards having your website is buying a domain.

A domain is a doorway through which people access your website. This article provides important information about domains so that you can move closer your goal of starting a website.

Just because a domain name is cheap does not mean it’s not good! You just need to know everything about buying a domain name for cheap. Here is your guide.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Domain Name for Cheap

You may be asking yourself what a domain name is. A domain name is an address you type to get to a website in your browser. For instance, Google’s domain name is google.com. Domain names are hugely important to how the web works and having one is an important prerequisite if you have a business.

As such, it is important to know all you can about domain names so that you can make the right decision when purchasing one.

You may also want to know how much are domain names. Well, domain names are cheaper than you would think. With only ten pounds, you could snag yourself a domain name. The companies that sell domain names are domain name registrars.

One such registrar is register.ie, which is one of the cheapest ways to buy a domain name.

How Much a Domain Name Costs

Domain names are generally cheap with average prices in the range of ten to fifteen pounds. If the domain name that you want is in high demand, the price may increase above fifteen pounds. For instance, domain names with an extension of .tv cost a bit more than those with a conventional .com extension do. The value of a domain name depends on how popular the name is.

If you are using a unique name to register a domain name, then you should be able to buy a domain cheap.

Guidelines for Buying a Domain Name

Now that you know that domain names are cheap, you have probably decided to go ahead and buy one. However, you should keep in mind these guidelines to have the best possible domain.

1. Buy an Easy to Remember Domain Name

Because you are making a website for other people to visit and know more about your business or other interests, it is important to keep the domain name simple. You want people to be able to remember and easily type your domain name. As such, avoid words with odd spellings. Also, avoid numbers in the domain name.

Keep away from names that have multiple spellings because this will only confuse visitors. If you already a registered business name which has multiple spellings, you can purchase domain names for both versions of the spelling. Buying both domain names ensures that no matter the name that people type, they will get to your website.

2. Avoid Slang Names

When buying a domain name, the key is to ensure that the name will still be relevant in ten years or more. While slang terms may be cool, there is no telling whether they will hold up in a few years. In order for your website to have the widest possible reach, keep away from slang.

Websites are accessible globally. As such, a name that is not slang in one country could be slang in another country. Thus, to avoid embarrassments when your venture goes global, conduct research on whether the name you have selected could be slang in any country.

3. Avoid Trademarked Names

When registering a domain, keep away from names that other businesses have trademarked. Names such as Coca-Cola belong to their respective businesses. Registering a trademarked domain name could lead to a claim by the rightful owner of the trademark. A quick search on the internet will tell you whether the name you want to register is a trademark.

4. Prioritize Short over Long Names

Short domain names are easy for people to remember. When people have an easier time remembering your domain name, then they are more likely to visit your website. Even though most one-word names are already registered if you use a bit of creativity you can come up with your own short name.

When deciding on a name, remember that the name should reflect the brand that you want the website to represent. As such, do no go for a short name for the sake of it. The name should also be relevant to your business or interests.

5. Avoid Domain Names That Are too Similar to Existing Websites

To avoid confusion, avoid domain names that are too similar to already registered websites. For instance, a domain name such as facebooks.com is not ideal because of its similarity to facebook.com. Registering a domain name that is too similar to another site might cause you to lose traffic.

6. Register Your Chosen Name on Social Media

After you have successfully registered a domain name, it is wise to check social media and register the name there too. Registering your name by creating social media accounts with the name prevents someone else from registering before you. For instance, if your domain name is irelandcakes.com then you will want to register the account name irelandcakes with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Because of the importance of social media in driving traffic, you should begin your name search on social media to see whether it is already registered. If not registered, you can then buy a domain with that name.

Cheap Domain Names Are Good Value

If you follow the advice and information on this article, you should be able to get value for your money when buying a domain. Remember, a domain name is the first step towards an internet venture that may last for years. As such, keep the name unique and creative.

If you want to learn more about registering a domain name, check out our site.