How to Buy a Domain Name Forever: What to Check Before Purchasing an IE Domain Name

how to buy a domain name forever

Statistics show that new domain registration in Ireland grew by 39% year-on-year to 28,126 in 2018. Registered businesses (including sole traders and corporate bodies) take up about two-thirds (62.5%) of the new .ie domains.

Once you decide to build a website, you’ve got to decide on what your domain is going to be. This is before consulting any web hosting services. You’ve also got to figure out how you’re going to stake your claim for it.

Purchasing a name is relatively simple, but finding one that is available can be a challenge.

Do you want to know how to buy a domain name forever? First, you need to know what to check to avoid problems.

Here’s your guide for IE domain names.

Double Check the Domain You Want To Buy

When purchasing a domain name, you’ve got to ensure that it doesn’t contain any trademarks. You should also expand your search to other domains. If you’re buying ( domain, check whether there’s someone using the same domain with a different extension (

If there is any, check whether there’s a scope of your customer’s to get confused. If not, you can buy it. Try to say your domain out loud. This will reveal problems that you didn’t notice before.

For instance, you’ll get to know whether you’ve got to spell it out before someone gets it right. Do a Google search for the name you intend to use. This is an excellent way to check whether other companies may be using your phrase in ways you didn’t know.

Get the Right Deal

When buying a domain name, you should grab your first-year special offer. The domain industry is competitive, and many suppliers offer big discounts on first-year registration.

You also need to know the cost in the second year and the subsequent years assuming you bought your domain at a discount in your first year. You may end up saving more by registering your domain for an extended period. However, you should do this if you’re confident that you’ll keep the domain for that long.

Check Where You’re Buying Your Domain

If you’re looking to buy a domain forever, the registration has to be under your name.

You’ve to ask about flexibility as it’s hard to predict how companies can change. This means that you have to find a supplier that can let you use your domain with services like email or web hosting from other suppliers.

You may end up forgetting to pay for your domain on the due date. That’s why you’ve to find suppliers that can automatically renew your domain name. If you don’t have any experience using domain names, you should pay more for one who offers better support.

Before paying for a service, you should check how others rate the domain name company you’re thinking of buying from.

Avoid Mimicking Another Brand

People find it tempting to use a domain name that closely resembles someone’s website name. This is the case for those who don’t know the best ways on how to buy a domain name from someone. Some people think that when they use a popular brands name, it may trick customers into visiting their site.

This is a trick of dubious web developers in the past. Today, there are a lot of laws governing the use of domain names. You don’t want to get yourself involved in a copyright or trademark lawsuit.

Who is your Target Audience?

You’ve to consider who you’re trying to convince to buy your service or product. Do they live in certain areas? Are they male or female? What’s their age group? When people get online to find you, what search terms are they going to use.

Do you have a physical address or is your business online. You’ve to put all these factors into consideration before making your final decision. Think about the common terms people use for your type of service or product.

Incorporating one or more of such terms in your domain name can get you a boost in search ratings. If someone is searching for “duvet,” a company with “” will rank higher than “”

Avoid Hyphens or Numbers

You should keep your domain simple. This means avoiding using hyphens and numbers. These two are a distraction that people tend to misunderstand.

Take note that people getting to hear about a website or those who intend on buying a website don’t know whether there is a character/numerical. If you make your website difficult to find, searchers will get discouraged. You may even be sending them to a competitor’s site.

Get to Know How to Buy a Domain Name Forever – Lock the Domain

While it may seem odd, domain hijacking happens more often than you think. The common ways one can steal your domain is by hacking your password. Someone can even convince you to give your password via a phishing attack.

If someone gains access to your registered user account, they can do whatever they like with your domain. It’s always advisable to go for domain suppliers who offer features that keep your domain in the register-lock status. In such a state, you cannot change your DNS configuration and registration information until you unlock your domain name.

Act Now

If it’s your first time looking at how to buy a domain name forever, you’ve got to find a supplier who can auto-renew your domain on the due date. It’s also best that you check on how people rate the domain company. Domain companies will always have offers, and you shouldn’t miss taking advantage of the discounts.

You have to know your target audience. This way, you can target your keywords to suit the search terms they’re likely to use. It’s best to avoid using hyphens or numbers as this will discourage searchers.

They may even end up settling for a competitor’s site. Domain hijacking is common these days. Finding a supplier who has features that keep your domain in register-lock status can save you the pain of losing a domain.

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