The Hostess With the Most-ess: How to Choose an Irish Domain Hosting Service

Irish Domain Hosting

You know you want an Irish domain hosting service is but are unsure what to do next. We are going to share with you a guide to help you choose the right Irish domain hosting service.

The Irish domain hosting service information we are sharing with you provides most everything you want to know. What’s more, this Irish domain hosting service is affordable.

Irish domain hosting needs to meet all your website visitors requirements. But it also needs to perform all the tasks and functions you need. Not an easy combination to find at an affordable rate.

But we can help you get an Irish domain hosting service that can bring you both and more. Through our Irish domain hosting service, you can gain your own pot of business gold at the end of your rainbow.

Our web hosting options offer scalability and flexibility based on what your business needs. We don’t stop trying to find you the right Irish domain hosting tools until you are satisfied.

Listed below is all the Irish domain hosting service information we are sharing as a guide for you. This guide will give you wonderful and targeted information on Irish domain hosting services.

You can go back to the guide anytime you have any questions or concerns about what your Irish domain hosting service next steps should be.

Top-level Domain

To let you know what a top-level domain is, let us start at the beginning. We are going to give you some relevant definitions for internet and computer words. These words are often thrown around but rarely explained.

Let’s start with what is a top-level domain?

  • In its purest form, it can be a country code top-level domain registrar for an accredited company, individual, etc. You receive this top-level domain when you register and pay for the domain.
    • But, there are domain registrar resellers who sell top-level domain names for a third-party. So always know who you are purchasing your domain name and hosting service from.

Ireland’s top-level country domain is known by its .IE letters. It is recognised and it is trusted by Irish residents.

Registration for .IE domains are always open to anyone who has any connection to Ireland. Think of it as your post office box or home address online. From this online address, you can reach out to customers no matter where they are in the world.

If they are down the street or across an ocean you can still reach them to sell your products or services.

Our company uses an .IE web hosting address because of the power behind it. Because we know it provides us with all the tools we need in building our website.

We offer this premium top-level domain because it allows us to offer scalability or change websites when needed. It also provides ways for us to offer outstanding add-ons to websites as needed.

What Paperwork is Needed to Register .IE Domains?

To register a top-level .IE domain name for your business you have to meet some pretty detailed criteria depending on if you are a business or a person. For businesses you need the following;

  • Irish VAT number (your businesses registration in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland).
  • Your RBN number.
  • CRO number.
  • Ireland’s Revenue Commissioners tax clearance certificate.
  • WIPO trademark, and more.

It’s a bit easier if you are an individual but you still need some detailed information to be able to use the .IE domain. Some of these items include, but are not limited to;

  • Irish passport
  • Public Services Card
  • Utility bill showing an address showing you live in Ireland
  • Your PPS number, and more.

Why are Domain Names Important?

There are as many ways to buy a domain name as there are domains to buy. Because there domain names out there by the 100’s it helps to go back in time a bit. This allows for understanding as to why domain names are so important.

After all, to see where you are going, it is always wise to see where you have been. Domain names and how they have evolved is both interesting and unique.

No one ever thought back at the beginning of domain names for website addresses technology would evolve as fast as it has.

Yet technology evolved fast. As it evolved it became critical to understand the ever-changing world of domain name importance.

Domain name importance revolves around government control, who administers domains, security threats, and creative solutions. The only thing we know for sure about domain names is it will change yet again in the future so we need to be prepared.

There will be important decisions about how domain names benefit our businesses, ourselves and our lives. All will need to be continually evaluated.

In the end, the most important thing about domain names is what it represents. It is the domain name’s functionality which is important to understanding.

It is through the domain’s functionality we can grow and develop our businesses. As an Irish domain web hosting service, it is that scalability which is vital to success.

Domain Tools

The domain tools you want for your Irish domain hosting service needs are many. But we are concentrating on some that are considered the most important. They include, but are not limited to;

  • Domain registration
  • Cloud-based services
  • A scalable cloud VPS hosting ability
  • Spam filtering, and more.

Many people get domain name registration confused with web hosting services. Remember we said your domain name was like your post office or street address.

Web hosting is the inside of your house with decorations and furniture placement. There is a world of difference. But it is common for domain registration to be offered by web hosting service providers.

The definition of web hosting is a business that provides the technology services needed for your website on the Internet. Websites on the internet are hosted or stored on special computers which are called servers.

Our Irish domain hosting services have all the domain tools you need. We build websites, we have access to 400+ web applications, we offer only the most secured email delivery we can, and our web space add-ons are amazing.

Your Irish domain hosting service tells everyone who you are and what you value. You cannot get away with your business card and a good brochure anymore to tell people what you want them to know about your or your business.

Now it requires a web hosting company who is responsive and focused on what you need.

Irish Domain Hosting

We are leaders in Irish domain hosting services for a reason. Because we are the best.

Because we are so scalable we offer three different plans. The three different hosting service plans each come with various services and applications. They are as follows;

  • GoHost – has unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly data transfers and a 1 free domain name for one year. You also get up to 10 IMAP/POP email accounts as well as 3MySQL database all for less than €36.00.
  • GoHost .IE – has unlimited storage space, unlimited monthly data transfers and 1 free .IE domain name for one year. You also get up to 10 IMAP/POP email accounts as well as a 3MySQL databased all for less than €46.00.
  • BasicHost – has 15GB storage space and 150GB monthly data transfers. You also get 200 IMAP/POP email accounts as well as an unlimited database all for less than €60.00.

Our Unique Irish Domain Hosting Services

But the best and most exemplary Irish domain hosting benefits we bring you is flexibility, security, and 24-hour service. We are always client-focused because we want to be your hosting company.

Our technical skills as a hosting company ensure you never get stuck if one server goes down. We have multiple internet connections to make sure you get premium Irish domain hosting service.

We want to show you how our Irish domain hosting services can make a difference in how you present to others.

Our domain hosting services allow you to present yourself and your business in a polished and successful manner. There is no substitute for staying available and current in your business.

Nor is there anything that markets you or your business like a unique marketing flair. Our Irish domain hosting service provides all the marketing flair you will ever need.

How Do I Find Out More?

When you want to learn more about Irish domain hosting and all it can bring into your life contact us.

We offer it all. We have the enhanced IT security which protects your email against spam and viruses. We have flexibility as a host which means we are ready to offer what you need as you grow and develop.

Our domain and hosting packages are the best around with backups done frequently to protect your data and information needs.

Irish .IE domains combined with our Irish domain hosting services broadens your reach throughout Ireland.

The Irish .IE domain and our Irish hosting services can make your Irish business dreams or missions come to life. Don’t waste another day not going after what you know you can be. Live your dream and start it with an Irish domain hosting service which tells the world you will succeed!

Make your commitment to the future today. Stay with your vision while we take care of your technological Irish domain hosting service needs. When brought together, there is nowhere to go but up towards success. Contact us today!