What is a Web Domain That’s Premium and Should You Buy One?

what is a web domain

As of March 2019, there were almost 4.5 billion internet users. That’s over half of the world’s population. Europe and North America take the lead with internet use. Over 85% of their people are on the internet.

The first domain name was registered in 1985. It was Symbolics.com, a Massachusetts computer systems company. That being said, it wasn’t the first domain name created. That credit goes to Nordu.net, which is a Scandinavian research collection.

Now, there are over 300 million domain names on the internet, and the number grows daily. But what is a web domain? Why is it so important?

For one thing, a web domain can make or break your business.

Should you buy one? Should you spend money on a premium domain to elevate your brand?

Keep reading to find out all about web domains and whether or not you should buy one.

What Does Domain Mean?

What’s a domain? A domain by its definition is just a territory. And whoever owns that territory is the one who operates and controls it.

A web domain isn’t much different. It’s still a location, but it’s a location that exists as a part of the internet. It’s a name that both represents your brand and also leads people to your location, where you host your business.

Domain names are used to identify one or more corresponding IP addresses. Google.com is a domain name. Youtube.com is also a domain name. When you add on extras to those domain names to represent multiple aspects of that domain, you are using a URL.

For example, youtube.com is a domain name, but https://www.youtube.com/feed/trending is a URL, and youtube.com is still the domain name.

What Does Buying a Domain Entail?

Just because you have bought a domain name, doesn’t mean that you have a website. The URL is what gets you space where people can go to see what you have to offer.

A domain is the name of your website, but you still have to build that website once you purchase a name. A great way to think about it is to picture it like a store. The domain name is the name of your store. The URL is the address for people to use to find your store.

And the many pages in between where people may shop for products and make purchases, are the many shelves and racks within your store, or the pages within your website.

When you buy a domain name, it’s because you want the rights to that domain. Once you buy it, no one else can use the same one. It’s an excellent choice to make if you’re building a brand that you hope will last forever. Owning your domain will alleviate potential future stress and issues.

Once you have proof of concept, the last thing you’d want to do is have to rebuild your brand. When you own your own domain name, you can continue to build that brand and make it stronger and more recognizable on a daily basis.

Why Should You Buy a Domain Name?

There are many domain names that aren’t being used but are listed for sale.

Furthermore, there are premium domain names that may have been used in the past but are currently off the market and are up for sale. These owners may have continued to pay for them because they are aware that someone will want them in the future.

Purchasing a premium domain name can add lots of value to your business. While it may be more expensive to purchase a premium domain name, if you wait to buy it later, you run the risk of not being able to purchase it in the future.

Premium domain names have keywords listed in the name that pertains to your brand or product. Deciding to purchase one can greatly increase your site’s traffic. A premium demand name will help you build your brand from the very beginning, while you can rest easy knowing that you own it.

Even though purchasing a premium domain can be costly, it can decrease the amount you have to spend on advertising. When you own a domain that directly pertains to your product, your chance of ranking high in the search engines increases.

Clients will be able to find you more quickly if your domain name is brief and descriptive. And if it’s a premium domain name, chances are that it’s just that. A domain name can help you establish credibility and help your business look professional.

Domain names are more descriptive and typically shorter. They usually contain a keyword or keywords in the name that is directly related to that potential brand or product. They’re also catchy and are considered to have niche value because of those pertaining keywords.

What Is a Web Domain and How Can It Help?

So what is a web domain? It’s just a name that encompasses all that your business has to offer. Opting to purchase a premium domain at the beginning of your venture can do great things for building a brand that is recognizable and valued.

That being said, it isn’t right for everyone. If you can’t afford the one you want or if you’re just starting out, there is nothing wrong with waiting until spending that money is feasible.

Just remember, that even though you’ll be spending money, you’ll also be gaining traffic, building a brand in the meantime, and setting your business apart from the rest.

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